When your business or home is threatened by floods, leaks, septic backup or nasty molds from unresolved moisture, trust Denver Emergency Restoration to get things dry, sanitized and deodorized in no time.

Our professionally certified water restoration specialists have the equipment and expertise necessary to turn your house or office around and “as good as new”.

Denver Emergency Restoration 24/7 response time ensure that no matter when the flood gates break, you’ll get immediate help putting things back together again.

Contact Denver Emergency Restoration offices for help with your water damage (720) 689-1998

Water removal equipment

  • Moisture measurement units and hygrometers allow us to assess peripheral damage to structures.
  • Infrared cameras may be used to locate inner wall water damage or subsurface moisture.
  • Sump pumps allow us to extract large amounts of flood water
  • Truck mounted, gas-powered water extraction tools let us get every ounce of mold-forming moisture off your property

State of the art drying systems

  • High-speed fans and blowers use evaporation to wick moisture out of carpets, furniture, and exterior walls.
  • Industrial grade dehumidifiers provide plenty of drying power for humidity damage
  • More extensive damage will require professional services that few companies other than Denver Emergency Restoration can provide in the Denver metro area.

Controlling mold and buildup of microbial agents

  • In addition to removing moisture, we’ll use environmentally safe practices that disinfect surfaces inside the building. Our range of products can handle pesky problems ranging from bacteria and fungi to mildew and black molds that are a danger to health.
  • No one will ever know you’ve had water damage after our extensive deodorization measures that will make you property smelling fresh and clean.

Be it rain, sleet, sewer backup, plumbing catastrophe or even floodwater, trust Denver Emergency Restoration to assess the damage and cost-effectively restore your home back to its former glory. Call us for an estimate or for emergency service any time of the day or night, 365 days a year (720) 689-1998.


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