For many, dealing with a house fire or flames at your Denver place of business is an absolute nightmare. If you’re dealing with this kind of damage now, you know what the soot, smoke, and heat-induced warping of your property’s structure looks and smells like. Not to mention your furnishings and belongings that might not be completely burnt but either though discoloration or scent are bleak reminders of the fire. Not all companies understand the complex nature of fire damage. At Denver Emergency Restoration, we’re here to make your home or business as good as new.

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A few things you might not know about smoke

  • Hot smoke moves upward and into cooler spaces
  • Smoke flows throughout duct work and around plumbing, permeating a structure
  • Different smoke types create different damage profiles, which Denver Emergency Restoration will assess upon arrival.

All smoke’s is created the same, isn’t it?

The complex properties of smoke vary according to its source and inflict different types of damage:

  • Dry smoke residue – usually result from high temperature, fast burning flames. Residues are generally powdery, dry and non-smearing.
  • Wet smoke residues – more difficult to clean, often resulting in smoke webs. Usually originate from smoldering fires on low heat.
  • Protein residues – Rancorous odor that discolors paints and lacquers.
  • Fuel oil soot – Furnaces blow back fuel oil soot that is hazardous to health and can create further fire risks
  • Fire extinguisher – Solvents used in fire extinguishers leave their own chemical residues that need to be professionally handled.

Our Fire Damage Assessment

  • Full inspection of property: Flame and its byproducts aren’t limited to the direct area of the fire. Carcinogenic compounds released during a property fire move throughout the house and business and can create lasting concerns even after the immediate damage is cleanup.
  • Unaffected areas: it’s important to protect areas unaffected by damage immediately so they don’t pose a problem further down the road. This will save you money in the end
  • Inventory: we’ll make a record of what we think is cleanable and what will need to be replaced as well as explain how long cleanup is going to take every step of the way
  • Effective restoration techniques: we assess each form of damage to determine the best combination of products and restoration solutions for your particular case.

At Denver Emergency Restoration our certified technicians will not only cleanup the immediate area of the fire but will inspect your property to root out the sources of smoke odors, structural damage, and risks to you and your family’s health. Our thorough post-fire assessment is a part of a complete fire damage solution that is backed by our company guarantee.

Trust our CFI certified professionals to get your fire damage cleaning and restoration done right the first time. Call us today to get started so you can move on with your life, smoke free.

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